Sophie Arvebrink - lower back extensions - July 26, 2014

What an erector. And thanks for telling us it is the Nordic goddess. She has more shots of her in tights so baring skin for a lower body workout just shows how well built she is. That is the body of a woman who deadlifts more than 140 kg. Lets keep that a secret and let women scared of bulking up continue their delusions.

(via deadliftbarbie)


One thing I do not like about my legs day - I rarely sleep well after doing squats and deadlifts.

Maybe it’s the racing metabolism and just overall body excitement, even 7 hours after cool down I still can’t sleep well.

5 x 10 @ 110 kg back squats and 7 x 5-7 reps @ 120 kg deadlifts.

Not bad that’s 76% and 75% of my 1 RM for squats and deadlifts respectively.

For a puny amateur @ 78 kg BW, things are going ok!